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Young Professionals of Wichita Falls is a nonprofit focused on helping young people in the Wichita Falls area network together & grow professionally. We have events each month that range from tours of local businesses and community cornerstones to working with experts to learn new things!

YPWF offers innovative ways for young professionals in the Wichita Falls area to expand their professional horizons and socialize. YPWF’s vision is to help Wichita Falls become a destination for young intellectual capital in several ways…

Social events to keep young professionals engaged with one another and network
Professional events to help young professionals become stronger professionally
Civic events to encourage young professionals to give back and support their community
YPWF desire is to keep, grow, and engage young professionals in our local marketplace.

The Young Professionals of Wichita Falls is led by a volunteer board, community advisory board, and five separate action teams: Marketing, Membership, Professional Events, Social Events, and Community Service. The best way to get the most out of your membership is to serve on one of these action teams.