If and when you move from one part of the country to another, there are so many things to consider: not the least of which is cost of living. If you live in our area, there’s some good news.

That good news is that the Council for Community and Economic Research shows Wichita Falls is among the most affordable places in the country to live, ranking 6th out of 10. The city is also the fourth cheapest when it comes to grocery sales, something Tom Teffeteller, who moved to town three years ago, really appreciates.

“I had to move down here. My wife has some health problems. The cost of living in Washington is a lot higher than what it is down here. Plus, she told me I could ride my bike at Christmas time,” said a smiling Teffeteller.

According to www.bestplaces.net, housing is almost 60 percent cheaper in Wichita Falls, compared to Washington state.

“It’s good for us.” But, the president of the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, Henry Florsheim, explains having a low cost of living doesn’t just happen. He says a city needs enough companies offering enough jobs, enough housing and more. But, when it all comes together, ” You see a city with a low cost of living, that means, typically you can get more house for your money.”

Though the cost of living is considered inexpensive right now, Florsheim says nothing’s permanent. “It’s not anything we can control. The market dictates the price based up supply and demand. Whether you’re talking about a gallon of milk or a house,” Florsheim stated, and even those gallons of gas: which for know, Teffeteller says, are at an affordable price.

“Plus, the people down here are friendly too,” Teffeteller added.

As you can imagine New York, specifically Manhattan, ranks highest for places to live, followed by San Francisco at number two. Also, no surprise, Honolulu has the most expensive groceries, with an average gallon of whole milk costing about $9 a gallon.