It is becoming more popular for people to open or move their businesses to downtown Wichita Falls. Many owners, realtor groups, and developers are seeing the uptick. It’s evident with some announcements that have been made this week. In just the last three days Big Blue has announced three new tenants, most notably Workforce Solutions who will move all three of their locations to Big Blue. But they’re not the only building downtown seeing an uptick in interest. Apartment projects are in the works at the Center City, Petroleum, and Brown Buildings. Texoma Community Credit Union has also decided to open a location at the City National Building. “We get phone calls almost daily of someone looking for property or trying to partner with someone,” Executive Director of Downtown Development, Jana Schmader said. “So the movement continues even more than I think the public realizes. It’s coming and it’s continuing.” Owner of Big Blue, Will Kelty, is excited about adding Workforce Solutions as a tenant, but said it’s bigger than that. “Attracting tenants that are currently located outside of downtown, new businesses that are getting started and bringing them downtown, that’s huge for me because that means everything about the redevelopment of downtown,” Kelty said. Schmader said right now there’s a curiosity to downtown that people are exploring. “You’ve seen these spaces get taken up, you’ve seen people walking the streets,” she said. “So now you’re really looking at where can my business grow the most? And I think with the downtown momentum is just making people realize if I center myself downtown and I look at all these different people, that’s what’s going to be best for my growth cycle.” Just on Tuesday, a building on 7th Street was bought in an auction for nearly $27,000. White Realty said they have more people reaching out to them interested in leasing spaces inside their buildings. “The rebirth of Wichita Falls is really dependent upon those new, free-thinking people that are going to create new businesses,” Kelty said. “It really is a train that cannot be stopped,” Schmader added. Kelty said its great to see all these businesses that are interested in moving downtown but added that downtown is going to have to continue to grow for them to succeed. He said you’ll know downtown made it when there are college kids, airmen, and businessmen and woman walking the streets every day with places to live, work, and play. Copyright 2018 RNN Texoma. All Rights Reserved.