New VA Clinic for Wichita Falls


Oklahoma medical center VA is moving forward with plans to open a new VA clinic in Wichita Falls and they’re now talking about the location.

2600 central freeway is the new home and it is expected to open this summer. Officials said the extra space will help them see more patients and provide services not offered for veterans in Wichita Falls like hearing tests and eye exams.

“Now we don’t have [any] eye exams. Diabetes: we have to a point,” Ambrosio Barboza, disabled Navy veteran, said. “No hearing aids.”

Wade Vlosich, Oklahoma City Medical Center Director, said this clinic will now have the space to offer additional services but some veterans say they heard it all before.

“New people, same smoke,” said Barboza.

Vlosich announced the new clinic this summer at a veterans town hall meeting in Wichita Falls and since then it has been a numbers game.

“We have been working with our contracting officer and the contractor to negotiate the prices for the subcontractors that will be coming out to renovating the clinic so those prices have now been finalized and now we are waiting to get all the pricing over to the contractor,” said Vlosich.

The project is moving forward on schedule and as planned for the growing veteran community.

“Right now, we are actually looking at hiring an additional nurse practitioner or pay to help with the clinic workload volume continues to increase,” said Vlosich. “Over this last month alone we have seen over 105 new patients and first-time users to the Wichita Falls clinic.”

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