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6 Reasons to Consider a Move to Wichita Falls, Texas

  1. Boasting one of the lowest costs of living in the country, Wichita Falls offers labor, buildings, and sites at a fraction of the cost of major metro areas.

  2. We are just 2 hours by rail and 28 minutes by air from major metroplex Dallas/Fort Worth and only 2.5 hours by car to  Dallas and Oklahoma City.

  3. Wichita Falls IS manufacturing.  Opportunity zones, triple freeport, and several other key designations are available to help you choose Wichita Falls for your next project.

  4. Our manufacturers rely on nearby schools to fill their ranks.  Custom programs at the Career Education Center,  MSU School of Engineering, and Vernon College continue to be a steady source for workforce.

  5. Many communities brag about being business friendly, but all players in Wichita Falls pull together and become integral partners helping us provide quick turnarounds on proposals and ensure your needs are met in a timely manner.

  6. Sheppard Air Force Base is located here and is the largest training base in the Air Force’s Air Education Training Command (AETC).  The base leads the way in AR/VR pilot and tech training.   On average Sheppard AFB employs 14,000 military and civilian contractors. Military spouses, veterans and those transitioning out of the military are a resource of highly skilled workers.

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CrawDaddy’s Cajun Seafood opens in Wichita Falls

CrawDaddy’s Cajun Seafood opens in Wichita Falls

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Vote passes for Wichita Falls ISD Tax Proposition

Vote passes for Wichita Falls ISD Tax Proposition

It’s been decided, “Wichitans voted 2,910 to 589 to approve a Wichita Falls ISD property tax proposition.”  What does this mean? It means that the current debt owed will be paid, additional dollars can be used toward facility updates, and the property tax rate will...

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