Panera Bread in Wichita Falls

panera bread

Claire Kowalick, Wichita Falls Times Record News

The company has found a location and already begun to post job openings for their Wichita Falls location. We are still eagerly awaiting details on what their timeline looks like. Read the full story here.

Founder Ron Schaich partnered early on with the late Louis Kane, owner of French bakery chain Au Bon Pain.

In 1993, Au Bon Pain acquired the St. Louis Bread Company.

The popularity of quality bakery goods and sandwiches showed Schaich there was a real desire for customers to not only have a meal at a good price, but enjoy their restaurant experience and feel good about the choices they make.

He revamped the concept of the St. Louis Bread Company and came up with the name Panera, combining the Italian words for bread (pan) and time (era).

Au Bon Pain divisions were sold in 1999, so the company could concentrate on growing Panera.

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