If you were to ask Byron Lacy, owner of Upscale Barber Lounge where he was before moving to downtown Wichita Falls he would say 10th and Fillmore.

“With what they are trying to do with downtown and boom it up I felt like this was the perfect spot,” said Lacy. “The perfect opportunity to make that transition.”

Lacy transitioned Upscale Barber Lounge to Wichita Falls Barber Academy.

“Because it’s much needed,” said Lacy. “I think there is a shortage of barbers here and I think that it will boost the economy as well.”

Many barbers in Wichita Falls like Melvin Phillips, owner of Phillips Barber Shop have traveled more than a hundred miles to go to school.

“I went to Dallas Barber College and it wasn’t easy but I had to stay to the chase [because] I knew the outcome,” said Phillips.

That outcome was opening up his very own business on the east side of town.

Phillips said right now he could really use an extra set of hands and hopes with this new academy more barbers will be qualified to take on the role.

“To help some of the kids to maybe get off the streets, get off drugs whatever the case may be,” said Phillips. “By them going to the academy it’s going to promote jobs. It’s going to open up the community.”

Wichita Falls Barber Academy will offer four courses. Class A barber, barber instructor, cosmetology crossover, and hair weaving.

Each course will range anywhere between 300 hundred to 1,500 hours in order to get your license.

From opening up his very own barbershop to bringing the academy to downtown Wichita Falls, Lacy said by far this is the sweetest moment.

“I think it’s going to save a lot of youngsters lives because everybody is not built for college and everybody is not built for the military,” said Lacy.

The Academy will kick off in August and enrollment will start on Monday, July 23. If you want to sign up, you can call 940-733-3245 or visit WFBA at 800 8th St. next to the Highlander Public House.

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