Deli Planet in Wichita Falls to have outdoor food vendors


Deli Planet in Wichita Falls will have “Food Truck Takeovers” every weekend beginning this summer.

But it is something that would not have been possible without city leaders making provisions to the original ordinance on Tuesday.

Rebecca Rutledge owns the restaurant near Sheppard Air Force Base.

She and her husband also have a food truck and a dream to expand.

Thanks to the help from the city, it will become a reality.

“We were ecstatic to see a unanimous vote come across today,” Rutledge said. “It was really nice to know that all the hard work paid off.”

Councilors voted to have provisions made to the original ordinance so businesses can apply on a case-by-case basis.

“It gives opportunities to existing brick and mortar restaurants if they would like to start to have a mobile food truck for special events,” Planning Administrator, Karen Montgomery-Gagne said. “Or to consider an outdoor food court. It also provides opportunities, more attractions, for people to come to Wichita Falls.”

With many changes coming to the city, Rutledge wants to jump on board.

“We want to be a part of the changing and the newness, the younger crowds and our airmen,” Rutledge said. “We want to give them a place to not be so bored in Wichita Falls. Some place to go and hangout and spend your day.”

Mayor, Stephen Santellana, believes it could be huge for not just Deli Planet.

“We talk about those quality-of-life things all the time,” Santellana said. “This is something that they want. Not just a dining option, but something that’s a little cool for the city of Wichita Falls. It gives them something else to do.”

“I am just excited to be part of these changes to the city,” Rutledge said. “And I hope everyone else embraces it and supports all the new things that are coming our way.”

Mayor Santellana said the city has put a lot of effort into this food truck provision and want to continue to be progressive in their thinking and decisions moving forward.

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