Competitive Gaming rising popularity in Wichita Falls

competitive gaming

With the growth of competitive gaming in Wichita Falls, it’s no wonder some local businesses are capitalizing by offering gaming spaces. More businesses are opening their doors to competitive gaming like The Deep End and Maniac’s Mansion in Wichita Falls.

Local player Ryan Puente has been involved in the scene for years. He’s competed in tournaments in Lawton and the Metroplex but is glad more local opportunities are growing.

I love it, it’s about getting that gaming community together that’s been my main push through all this. Seeing new faces out there and more competition, because I’m tired of driving to Dallas just to get my butt kicked out there.”

Ryan Puente

If you wonder what a smash tournament is like, here are the highlights, showing 3 of the crews that showed. V family, Monsta crew, and Deep End strike team

Posted by The Deep End on Monday, September 16, 2019
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