Wichita Falls Business Park is a 525-acre development. It is designed to serve the needs of light/medium manufacturers, distributors, high tech operations and other companies requiring attractive, efficient and cost competitive square footage. Pratt & Whitney, Federal Express Ground, Old Dominion Freightways, and Wichita Clutch are currently located within the business park.

With sites available from three to 100 acres, this business park provides a convenient and cost-effective environment for growing businesses. The park offers convenient access to the Dallas/Ft. Worth and Oklahoma City market and business support services.Call the Wichita Falls Economic Development Team today at (940) 723-2741 or email Travis Haggard.



The main entry point of the development, Fisher Road, has divided, four-lane, concrete roads sufficient to accommodate 80,000-pound truck traffic. East west roads through the development, Production Boulevard and Midwestern Expressway, are also planned to be four-lane, divided concrete. Curb, gutters sidewalks and landscaping grace the development.


Located within ten miles of the east-west centerline of the United States, Wichita Falls has excellent geographic advantages for fast, efficient, cost effective motor freight services. Dallas/Ft. Worth is accessible by US 287, a four-lane, divided, limited-access highway. Oklahoma City is accessible via I-44, a four-lane, divided, limited access toll highway. East/west access is provided by US 277, US-82, and US-287.

Air Service

Two airports serve Wichita Falls. The Wichita Falls Municipal Airport is served by American Eagle with four flights to/from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport daily. The Municipal Airport and Sheppard Air Force Base share runways, taxiways, control tower operations and emergency response allowing for virtually any type and size aircraft. This airport is fully ILS compatible.

Kickapoo Downtown Airport is in the southeastern quadrant of Wichita Falls and provides Fixed-Based Operations for both rotary and fixed wing, civilian and corporate aircraft. Kickapoo Airport has a 4,200’ x 75’ hard-serviced, uncontrolled runway.

Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport is 30 minutes by air and one and half hours by roadway from Wichita Falls, and provides key access for people and products to domestic and international markets



Electrical service is provided via ONCOR Electric Delivery and above-ground distribution lines are capable of serving even the most electrical intensive industries. Electricity in the State of Texas is deregulated. Commercial and industrial customers have the ability to choose their electrical service provider. ONCOR provides the energy delivery (electricity) to all Retail Electric Providers in the Wichita Falls area. TXU Energy, Alliance Power, Reliant Energy, Cirro Energy and Direct Energy and others are REPs in the Wichita Falls area.

Natural Gas

Service to the park is provided by ATMOS Energy which provides full-service gas to one third of the State of Texas. 8- and 6-inch mains with 4-inch laterals serve the park. Industrial customers can take advantage of a special Schedule of Industrial Rates that allows for the transportation of gas purchased on the spot market. ATMOS has ample reserves of gas in a system of storage facilities.

Water and Sewer

Water – 12” mains are located throughout the park. Laterals would be contingent on planned consumption.

Wastewater – Park is served by 10-inch and 6-inch mains and lift stations. The City owns three wastewater treatment plants capable of treating most effluent. Depending on BOD and VOC loading, a pre-treatment plant may be necessary. Storm water is carried to two storm water retention ponds and 48” PVC piping.

Solid Waste – The Wichita Falls area has both municipally and privately-owned landfills, two Type II and one Type IV. The City’s facility is a Sub-Title D with a 60-mil plastic liner over a natural 107 porosity clay base. Waste input is currently limited to the adjacent counties which allows for up to a 100-years life expectancy. Source separation of compostable waste is rewarded with a 36% discount.

All utilities will be brought to the lot line of the parcel purchased at the cost of the owners of the development.


Service is provided by AT&T with (2) 72-strand fibers coming into the park providing Switched Ethernet Service with speeds of 5 MB to 1 GB. The entire City of Wichita Falls and surrounding areas are now connected via fiber. AT&T has three digital switches at the Central Office but are migrating to a Software Defined Network (SDN). Three POPs serve the City – SBC, AT&T, and MCI. Dual fiber feed and diverse routing from the Central Office are available in the business park. There are approximately 40 companies offering competitive local exchanges (CLEC) in the Wichita Falls area. 100% of our multi-county area is covered by several wireless service providers.