New bike lane added

Bike Lane Addition on HWY

KAUZ Newschannel 6 | 7.30.19
The City of Wichita Falls is moving forward with a project that will help them become a bicycle-friendly community in the future.

Dail Neely, a cyclist and member of Bike Wichita Falls, said he is excited to see FM 240, between Burkburnett Road and Missle Road, now designated as a bike lane.

“It’s a well-used cycling area already and so now having that sign so motorists know that we are going to be out there is going to be very helpful,” said Neely.

The Wichita Falls director of transportation, John Burrus tells us this is just the start of a new project, putting Wichita Falls, one step closer to claiming the title of a bicycle-friendly community.

“We’re looking at adding about 20 miles of bicycle lanes a year, so we are looking at a 4 to 5-year window to get some work done, but once we are complete it will be about 100 miles of bicycle lanes, both shared and dedicated lanes,” said Burrus.

The new lane is 3.5 miles or 7 miles in both directions, making it the first major bike lane in the city.

“We only have a small one right now on Hamilton Street but of any significant of length or size of a project, this is our first big project,” said Burrus.

Watch the video here.

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