Covercraft Industries is bringing their Wichita Falls production facility back online to expand the production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) due to increased demand and need during the COVID-19 crisis.

The company began PPE production in their Oklahoma facility on March 30th and the response has been heavy. “At this time in our country, the need for this equipment is crucial and the inquiries coming in have made it clear that we needed to get our Texas facility working on it,” comments Clay Callan, President and COO of Covercraft Industries.

“Our Texas employees expressed their desire to join the Oklahoma employees in the effort of producing PPE to create as much product as possible in this time of need”, added Callan.

As of the writing of this release, there were approximately 50 Oklahoma employees and 40 Texas employees brought back from furlough to produce protective gowns and masks.  

Groups or organizations in need of these PPE products should contact Covercraft by calling        (405)367-8930 or by email at

About Covercraft

Covercraft Industries, LLC is the leading branded manufacturer of Automotive, Marine and Recreational Vehicle protection products, as well as a market leader in outdoor protection products for Home and Garden. Covercraft’s product offerings include full vehicle covers, seat covers, front end masks, dashboard covers, window sunscreens, patio furniture and outdoor kitchen covers and other products that preserve and protect. The company focuses on custom fitment with a library that includes more than 450,000 patterns for distinct automotive and outdoor protection products. Covercraft owns additional market leading brands including ADCO, Carver, Colgan, DashMat, GT Covers, Marathon Seat Covers, Precision Fit and PCI. Licensed partnerships include, Barrett-Jackson, Carhartt, Ford, Major League Fishing, Prym1 Camo and Winnebago. Founded in Southern California in 1965, Covercraft is Headquartered in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma with additional company owned manufacturing facilities in California, Colorado, Montana, South Carolina, Texas and Mexico.

 For more information, please visit

Jeff Jegelewicz, Director of Marketing, Covercraft Industries | 405.238.9651 x9276

What is the Talent Partnership?

A “talent partnership” can mean many different things. For the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce it means creating and building connections within the community to aid in generating that “collective impact.” Often times people over look available resources or they are unaware they exist.  

Looking at what’s been established and helping to ensure there are no overlaps in services or lack there of will help to put together the pieces to what has recently been a large puzzle.

Imagine how many times programs get overlooked simply because people didn’t even know they existed. On the other hand, imagine if we better understood all that our community offered so we could see our strengths as well as our weaknesses.

Establishing partnerships helps to create unity in what we choose to do as a community.

A few examples of many:

University student:

A young student moves to Wichita Falls to pursue their degree at Midwestern State University. A recent survey conducted by the Chamber showed that college students that felt a connection to the community were more likely to stay in that area after graduation. How can the talent partnership help this student? The ultimate goal would be to help the student find the right networks. This could be through internships in their desired fields, or nonprofits organizations, or various other touches that make them feel as though they are welcome and a vital member of the Wichita Falls community.

Military spouse:

Many military spouses are interested in working when they move to a new town and usually prefer to find something sooner rather than later. It can be difficult if they need to recertify in an area such as, teaching, real estate, etc. Streamlining that process can help get them into our workforce faster.

Not all employers understand the benefits to hiring a military spouse. They are generally quick to establish themselves and learn the job, and more often than not they will not require any medical benefits, which often saves the company money.

There are many more examples of how a talent workforce developer will be able to expose resources, create programs we are in need of, and become a community facilitator. 

Adrene Wike is the Director of Research for the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce.

We are hiring for the Talent Partnership Director. Please submit your cover letter, resume and references to

Knowledge is Workforce Power

Knowledge and workforce go hand in hand. Education and economic development may not seem like a dynamic duo, the reality, however, is that they are a power couple. The key to many successful workforce development projects is the growth of education.

What does that look like?

The possibilities are vast and without focus, the task of creating some of these programs can seem overwhelming. One of the key points is to look at why it’s important, what programs are already in place, and then how can we help. A phrase comes to mind that has gained meaning for me over time, “knowledge is power.”

Knowledge Is Power

In 2009, I was active duty Air Force and deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I had the opportunity to work with local nationals (locals from the host-country hired to support the mission, in this case, the USAF mission). One individual was a young man that was working on his English in hopes that it would create a path to US citizenship and a future job as an interpreter.

He would often ask me to quiz him with some flashcards he had made, and we would spend hours working on his English. I told him one day, in a joking manner, that knowledge is power. I didn’t realize the effect it would have, this simple phrase. From then on he greeted me every day saying, “knowledge is power” with a big smile on his face as if I had told him some secret he hadn’t been aware of before.

I came back for a second tour to the same location. I had filed the previous encounter somewhere in the past and never thought of the possible impact. Nevertheless, I was greeted by a young man one day that I didn’t recognize until he said, “knowledge is power.” To say I had goosebumps would be an understatement. He had progressed immensely in his English and was living his life with the belief that learning would lead to better opportunities.

The feeling this kid had is one that should be shared by members of our community. Many communities have increasing poverty levels as income gaps expand. Some are dealing with gentrification issues as urban living grows in popularity. Most are living without the gift of knowing the power of education. While the majority of these areas are concerned with brain drain (the emigration of educated youth), I am left pondering who remains.

Talent Partnership

As Wichita Falls moves forward with talent/workforce development and creating a collective impact, as outlined in our strategic plan, the focus will be on a couple of things.

1. The retention and attraction of educated youth, and
2. The development of programs to help our current population, the focus of this article.

There is not one path to achieve the later. As I said, the possibilities are vast. However, if we baby-step our way through, it will work.

If we uncover hidden talents, it will work.

If we encourage new paths to the workforce, it will work.

Last, pulling from my military background, if we leave no man or women behind, it will work.

There are currently organizations in place that have begun to build these amazing bridges between local talent and the workforce and it’s up to the rest of us to secure and strengthen those paths.

They understood before most of us that knowledge is power = knowledge is workforce.

Some local organizations to check out:

Dexter Education

My Cafe Con Leche

Wichita Falls Independent School District

Vernon College

Midwestern State University

Center grows regardless of low unemployment rate

The Results Company, in Wichita Falls, Texas, continues growth at a fast pace and now has over 700 customer service professionals.  The company opened an operation in this city (population 104,000 residents) in 2016 with the assistance of a $2.5 million incentive from the City of Wichita Falls.

“The growth has been beyond expectations,” said Kevin M. Pearson – Senior Vice President for the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, who located the company to town.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The Results Companies is a privately-held company which is owned by One Equity Partners, and Results’ management. Results operates 26 contact centers throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Philippines.

Results’ Network Operating Center is co-located in the Atlanta Telx building, with full redundancy in our Provo, UT contact center location. For over 26 years the company has served as a premier global customer experience provider for many Fortune 500 companies. The uniquely-designed, built and award-winning centers have set the standard for innovative customer-focused contact solutions.

Entrusted with over 46,000,000 relationships a year, its success and proven ability to respond to its Partner’s growth has enabled the company to expand its global footprint. With over 22,000 employees across the globe, The Results Companies’ expertise extends beyond call centers. The company is a well-known industry expert in representatives, analytical technologies, brand fulfillment and creating strategic advantages for its Partners.

The annual economic impact of the local operation on the Wichita Falls MSA is projected to be excess of $34 million.

The Wichita Falls Unemployment Rate for October 2018 was down to 3.1%, but the Results Company continues to find quality workers.  The company has also indicated drugs and alcohol abuse in Wichita Falls have not been a significant issue.

Wichita Falls Saturation Rate (the number of total customer service representatives in the MSA divided by the MSA Civilian Labor Force) is still only 2.2%.  Pearson says there is plenty of labor in Wichita Falls and the surrounding area to be able to staff up another 200 to 300 seat call-center. A saturation rate of 4% would discourage a new customer service center from considering the city as a possible location.

Have questions? We encourage you to contact Kevin Pearson directly by emailing him at the Wichita Falls Chamber.