Medical Alliance raising funds one drop at a time

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) – Wichita County Medical Alliance is fundraising to build a splash pad. It will be added to Hamilton Park, a park that was also a project for this group.

“What we are wanting to do is offer fun recreation to the communities for families to be outside and as we all know it gets very hot a lot of days out of the year not only when the weather is great but when its hot and so along with the splash area we are going to have more covered shade areas for people to sit right long where the playground is located now,” said Schacter.

Wichita County Medical Alliance members started meeting and fundraising for the project last month. The group previously completed the playground at Hamilton as known as Doctor Park WCMA says this project is solely donation based and they are counting on communities to step up.

“So this a private project through Wichita County Medical Alliance we’re really hoping the community can get behind the Splash Pad. We said we are going raise money one drop at a time so its 10 or 20 donations. We also have the ability to support the project by buying a brick For $150 dollars you can put you grandchildren, business, name on a brick and all that money will go to building this splash pad,” said Schacter.

Members of the Alliance acknowledge they have a ways to go but they are confident with the communities help… Wichita Falls will get its first Splash Pad.

“It is really is tied to the fundraising project. So this project the total amount we want to raise is $275,000 and so currently from January until today we raised $15,000. As you can see we have a long way to go but when everyone in the community wants to support and get involved I’m sure we will be able to raise that funds,” Schacter.

The pad will be open to people of all ages and will be free to use.

Amber Schacter, the president of WCMA says she hopes the splash pad will be up by 2020 by really the funds will determine that.

Source: Medical Alliance raising funds one drop at a time

Two new businesses open doors in Wichita Falls

Owners of The Den, a new toy store in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – As the Wichita Falls economy continues to grow two new businesses opened their doors Saturday.

One of the new businesses, The Den, is the new toy store in town. It’s something owners Elise and Larry Fox have wanted to do for some time.

“It’s been a dream for a while,” Elise Fox said. “We are both educators, so we know how important play is to kids. This gives them the opportunity to come in and play and see toys.”

Clink is the next step for Brenna Pohlod from her first business, Clinkers. She will still sell the painted glasses but now also has dessert for adults.

“We have different flavors of wine ice cream, sorbets, wine sherbet,” Pohlad said. “Everything is wine or beer infused. All of our ice creams, except for two of them and except for three of our sorbets are half alcohol. They are made with half wine or half beer. We have wine and beer candy.”

There have been a lot of new businesses opening lately. Both of these know they have competition but said believe they have what it takes to stand out.

“We noticed the town was in need of toys that were unique that you couldn’t find anywhere else, like Target or Walmart. Everything here you have is something you are not going to be able to find there,” Fox said.

“We are a little bit different,” Pohlod said. “Everything we have is made in house, except for the actual wine and beer. We are full on desserts. We do offer regular wine and beer. We have mimosas. We also have cotton candy champagne and boba champagne but our signature pieces are going to be our ice creams, our snowballs, and our candies.”

After all of the hard work getting the businesses ready they are happy to finally be open.

“Very, we are very excited,” Fox said.

“I’m really excited. I’m really really excited. It’s been a long time. A lot of hard work, sweat and tears. I am ready to get this going and see what happens from here,” Pohlod said.

Two new, very different local businesses, adding to the already growing Wichita Falls business scene.

Clink is located at 3115 Kemp Ave. and The Den is located at 2002 9th St.

Source: Two new businesses open doors in Wichita Falls