What is the Talent Partnership?

A “talent partnership” can mean many different things. For the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce it means creating and building connections within the community to aid in generating that “collective impact.” Often times people over look available resources or they are unaware they exist.  

Looking at what’s been established and helping to ensure there are no overlaps in services or lack there of will help to put together the pieces to what has recently been a large puzzle.

Imagine how many times programs get overlooked simply because people didn’t even know they existed. On the other hand, imagine if we better understood all that our community offered so we could see our strengths as well as our weaknesses.

Establishing partnerships helps to create unity in what we choose to do as a community.

A few examples of many:

University student:

A young student moves to Wichita Falls to pursue their degree at Midwestern State University. A recent survey conducted by the Chamber showed that college students that felt a connection to the community were more likely to stay in that area after graduation. How can the talent partnership help this student? The ultimate goal would be to help the student find the right networks. This could be through internships in their desired fields, or nonprofits organizations, or various other touches that make them feel as though they are welcome and a vital member of the Wichita Falls community.

Military spouse:

Many military spouses are interested in working when they move to a new town and usually prefer to find something sooner rather than later. It can be difficult if they need to recertify in an area such as, teaching, real estate, etc. Streamlining that process can help get them into our workforce faster.

Not all employers understand the benefits to hiring a military spouse. They are generally quick to establish themselves and learn the job, and more often than not they will not require any medical benefits, which often saves the company money.

There are many more examples of how a talent workforce developer will be able to expose resources, create programs we are in need of, and become a community facilitator. 

Adrene Wike is the Director of Research for the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce.

We are hiring for the Talent Partnership Director. Please submit your cover letter, resume and references to Jobs@wichitafallschamber.com

New business shakes up downtown

If you made a New Year’s resolution to become healthier, a new establishment downtown can help. They serve healthy teas and shakes to revitalize the body and whip you back in shape, and the owner said with downtown growing like it has been over the past few years, she couldn’t have picked a better location.

Source: New business shakes up downtown

Leader of the Pack – Chamber Chatter

With an unemployment rate of 3.1% and many of our employers struggling to find enough people, growing our talent pool is vital to our economic success.  No matter how many incentives we offer a company, if they can’t find workers, they won’t come.   That’s why our new strategy focuses so heavily on workforce development, and that’s why we’re creating the Wichita Falls Talent Partnership.

The next step in the process is to hire a director for the Partnership.  We’re looking for someone who can bring together a diverse group of stakeholders and push them forward to create effective programs.  We need a facilitator, a communicator, a leader.  Someone who can serve as the face of the initiative.  Is this you?  If so, send your cover letter, resume, and references to jobs@wichitafallschamber.com.  For more information on the initiative and the position, visit www.fallsfuture.com.

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