Center grows regardless of low unemployment rate

The Results Company, in Wichita Falls, Texas, continues growth at a fast pace and now has over 700 customer service professionals.  The company opened an operation in this city (population 104,000 residents) in 2016 with the assistance of a $2.5 million incentive from the City of Wichita Falls.

“The growth has been beyond expectations,” said Kevin M. Pearson – Senior Vice President for the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, who located the company to town.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The Results Companies is a privately-held company which is owned by One Equity Partners, and Results’ management. Results operates 26 contact centers throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Philippines.

Results’ Network Operating Center is co-located in the Atlanta Telx building, with full redundancy in our Provo, UT contact center location. For over 26 years the company has served as a premier global customer experience provider for many Fortune 500 companies. The uniquely-designed, built and award-winning centers have set the standard for innovative customer-focused contact solutions.

Entrusted with over 46,000,000 relationships a year, its success and proven ability to respond to its Partner’s growth has enabled the company to expand its global footprint. With over 22,000 employees across the globe, The Results Companies’ expertise extends beyond call centers. The company is a well-known industry expert in representatives, analytical technologies, brand fulfillment and creating strategic advantages for its Partners.

The annual economic impact of the local operation on the Wichita Falls MSA is projected to be excess of $34 million.

The Wichita Falls Unemployment Rate for October 2018 was down to 3.1%, but the Results Company continues to find quality workers.  The company has also indicated drugs and alcohol abuse in Wichita Falls have not been a significant issue.

Wichita Falls Saturation Rate (the number of total customer service representatives in the MSA divided by the MSA Civilian Labor Force) is still only 2.2%.  Pearson says there is plenty of labor in Wichita Falls and the surrounding area to be able to staff up another 200 to 300 seat call-center. A saturation rate of 4% would discourage a new customer service center from considering the city as a possible location.

Have questions? We encourage you to contact Kevin Pearson directly by emailing him at the Wichita Falls Chamber.

How our BRE program helps company find welders

It was almost a year ago when I had the president of a local company call me with one simple request:  “how can we grow our workforce pool in the welding sector WITHOUT continually cannibalizing the workforce of another manufacturer in our community?”  For me, it was a reasonable request/question yet the solution seemed to evade our manufacturer’s for many years.  So the president of the company, myself and the H.R. director sat down and just started talking – asking questions, listening and understanding what the employer needed was 90% of the battle.

Welder_Flying_SparksConnecting local resources is always the Chamber’s #1 goal, after all, our local organizations and local people have the best grasp on what we really need.  Wichita Falls is extremely fortunate in that we have a high school Career Education Center in which workforce skills are not only taught but also designed to put quality young professionals in our workforce upon high school graduation.  We are also blessed with Vernon Community College Skills Training Center where industrial skills are further developed and the next level of education can be obtained.  Yet with these great resources available, the problem still existed, the problem of not enough people/population participating in the classroom/lab/workshop – we needed more than our community could produce!

My question to the company:  who do you know that I can approach about the recruitment of more welders?  The response:  Well, we know that Tulsa Welding School (TWS) graduates a lot of students each year and being as though they have two campuses that are in our region, TWS would be a good place to start.  So, I make the call, I tell them who I am and what one of our local manufacturer’s needs.  Of course, the staff was extremely thankful and very accommodating.

I scheduled a campus tour and they lined up several staff members to enlighten me on their training and development process.  The way their education process works they basically can graduate 100 – 250 students every 5 weeks – definitely a number we can work with.

Several large companies around the U.S. have an existing relationship with TWS and they also have recruitment programs that work.  The question for us was:  how can we compete with some of the largest welding job companies out there?  The solution was simple, not easy…but simple:  help the graduates with relocation expenses!

It doesn’t matter the occupation, skillset or talent one has – what matters is the basic human needs, one of which, for a recent college graduate, is the money to help them relocate.

So, through excellent community partnerships between The Chamber of Commerce, The Wichita Falls Economic Development Corporation, the City of Wichita Falls, and the local manufacturer, a new recruitment program was developed.  All four of the organizations had “skin in the game”.

For the Chamber; develop the right connections between the company and the school.

For the economic development board and the City:  develop an incentive program to assist with the cost of relocation, and for the company (the biggest challenge); interview and hire the right fit and to match the relocation incentive offered by the EDO and City.

The program was put in place in early 2018 – the results have been excellent!  Not only have we added new workforce but the county has gained new population.  New skilled workforce and an increase in population are exactly what our community needs in order to grow!

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Wichita Falls Architect continues the mission for Downtown

Downtown Wichita Falls has been on the rise for the last few years. One local architect, John Dickinson, has his hands on many projects in the area.

John_Dickinson_ArchitectDickinson’s latest project is on 7th Street and is said to have been built in 1882. “This is one of probably three or four of the first buildings built downtown, and this is what was here when the city started,” Dickinson recalled.

Rebuilding and repurposing the old buildings downtown is a passion that began decades ago when he renovated the building “Hook and Ladder” Wine and Coffeehouse is located in. You’ll also find his hand in the remodeling of the Holt Apartments and the Iron Horse Pub (which he owns and operates).

He is not the only one that enjoys seeing century-old buildings being given a new purpose. County Commissioner Mark Beauchamp is a Wichita Falls history buff and says he is pleased to see people finding reasons to keep them around. “We’re all too quick to pull the trigger and tear buildings down and replace them,” He said. Beauchamp feels bringing back the old charm of the city appeals to new visitors. He added, “Just this afternoon, I was walking through Downtown with a contractor from another city. She told me that she had been down in the eastern part of Downtown and saw all the new development. She, being a younger person, was very excited and said, ‘You have a really thriving, moving Downtown’.”

Downtown revitalization is in full swing! The Downtown Development Board and Executive Director Jana Schmader are currently in the process of developing a position for an Economic Development Recruiter to lead the charge with business recruitment downtown.  Come downtown! #youreinvitedtoo . See more at

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