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The Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce is responsible for keeping the community profile updated. The Research department keeps track of demographics, trends, and the quality of life in our community.

The profile includes; target industries; weather and climate; history & heritage; travel; real state overview; educational system; popular activities throughout the city; and so much more.


The Wichita Falls Economic Development team provides confidential consulting services, free-of-charge, to businesses seeking to establish operation, expand, or relocate within the Wichita Falls MSA.


Arcade Bar opening in Downtown Wichita Falls

A family friendly arcade and cereal bar as well as a wine infused dessert bar... Who doesn’t love video games and dessert bars!? Downtown Wichita Falls is getting ready to bring back some old school gaming fun with Maniac’s Mansion. “Marcus McGee, also known by his...

Sheppard AFB getting upgrades

Sheppard AFB is getting ready to make significant changes to their installation main gate. This $3 million-dollar project has been a collaboration between state and local organizations. “The joint effort between Wichita Falls and Sheppard is aimed at improving the...

The Burn Shop Gives Back

How do local businesses in Wichita Falls react to their success? They give back! The Burn Shop is hoping to give back to a local non-profit to share the blessings they have encountered since opening in 2016. A decision will be made March 15, 2019. To read...