Midwestern State University

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Students

How can I find Internships?

  • Network
  • Talk with career center
  • Visit job fairs

When should I start looking for an internship?

  • Start looking the semester BEFORE you want to intern.

Should I have a Resume?

  • Yes, experience comes in many forms. Including your education, volunteering, and/or athletics is important.

FAQ for Employers

What are the areas my company should consider when evaluating if we are ready to bring on an intern?

  • Budgeting
  • Goals and projects
  • Who is going to supervise the intern
  • Tools and work environment
  • How long is the internship experience?
  • Internships can begin at any time but usually correspond to the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Should the internship be paid?

  • Although the primary purpose of the internship program is to give a student relevant business experience in his or her chosen field, compensation during the internship experience is certainly an incentive.
  • Monetary compensation also helps to create the atmosphere of employment.

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